Golden Dragonfly bracelet


From the DRAGONFLY collection, this sculpture hand made bracelet is made of Sterling silver. It has a gold galvanic coating to protect the jewel from tarnishing and to donate to the metal a beautiful shiny yellow gold color.  From the top view the dragonfly’s width is circa 32mm / 1,26in..

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Inspired by the nature, one of the most graceful insect in the world.

The dragonfly has a strong meaning of change, transformation and balance. It is also connected with the idea of freedom and, because of the time spent for it’s transformation, it’s a symbol of how freedom must be prepared, conquered and at the end enjoyed with grace.


If not differently stated in the description please consider that the total lenght of our standard bracelets is circa 18.5cm / 7.3in . This lenght includes 3cm / 1.2in of extension, this means that you can clip your bracelet anywhere between 15.5cm / 7.1in and 18.5cm / 7.3 in to better fit your wrist and your style.

If you need a shorter bracelet contact us .... .

If the jewel's length is not enough you can add an EXTENTION (15€). This accessory is made of Sterling silver and has the same color as the jewel that you choose. It's made of big enough links to clip the cosure at any lenght you prefer and can make your jewel up to 15cm / 5.9in longer by simply adding it to the closure of the chain or bracelet. You can decide to cut the remaining extention with a simple wire cutter, if you don't need it's entire length, or just leave it hang out of the jewel like a chain charm.

This accessory is not available for some jewels which have a special clip closure, but in that case you will not see it as an option in the description.
If you need any help, write us....

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